Each time I create a piece of jewellery my aim is to make a new form.

Throughout history -from the minimalistic forms of the Cycladic civilization to the classic forms of the Golden Age and of course the modern Greek Folklore Art and Craft- the Greek civilization has been expressed in a multitude of ways, and this has had a deep impact on my view and aesthetics.

The materials I use determine the final form of my jewellery.

Silver fine or sterling and gold are the basis of my pieces. On them I like to create texures and shades with the use of different techniques and oxide patinas.

Terracota is one of my favorite materials. Strongly connected to ancient Greek Art, it gives me a great joy when I attempt to transform it into a piece of jewellery.

Porcelain is the ideal material for the creation of minimalistic forms. I like to use it both unglazed, so as to get the texture and feel of the Greek white marble, and glazed in order to emphasize on the form of the jewellery.